The National Library of Medicine maintains the PubMed database of articles in the biomedical literature. It also operates Entrez PubMed, a publicly available website for accessing this database. Entrez PubMed has a lot of capabilities but emailing references is a weak point--its current email facility is awkward (at least when I wrote this program in 2004, but it's still weak). The PubMed Browser offered here allow you to browse articles from the PubMed database, and when you find an interesting one, easily email the information to yourself and/or another person.

PubMed Browser 2.1 is the current version. It has flaws in handling some Unicode characters. Email me if you want me to fix it.

PubMedBrowser is easy to figure out by just using it. If you disagree, send me an email and I'll write some help files for it.

PubMed The Entrez PubMed website
HubMed An alternative web interface to PubMed
Google Scholar Maybe you can find the article here
CiteULike Store your references online

Q: What good is it to be able to email references to yourself?
A: So that you can select and remember the articles of interest to you. And you can do it from any publicly available browser.

Q: But what do I do with them once I mail them?
A:  If you have a small project, then after you've mailed them, just keep them in a special folder in your email client, and use that for your article database. If you have a bigger project, then transfer them to your personal database of articles.

Q: But how do I get them into my personal database of articles?
A: There are two ways. One is to mail the references to yourself in MEDLINE format (an option that will be available soon in both versions of PubMed Browser), and then use your email client to output a file of articles in that format. This file can then be captured by your database program.

Q: That's kind of clunky--is that what you do?
A: No. Instead, I have written a Java application that scans my POP3 email account and outputs the articles I've sent in RIS format (click here to see a screen shot of this Java program). My article database, Reference Manager, then captures the information. The program is free. If you want this Java application for yourself, email me for information.

Last revised 13 Sept 2013
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